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ஆத்தி்சூடி - Aathichudi


Aathichudi is a team that works only with one motto..."To keep doing good in whatever smallest level possible."  

Aathichudi is a team that works only with one keep doing good in whatever smallest level possible.  

Aathichudi was started only with small idea and with lot of hope. But when we wish genuinely, universe shows the way and that's how we have reached a milestone of more than a year of service..


The Seva that started on 10th June 2017 has been done every week religiously without any stoppage only with the support of all our team members as volunteers making thier presence even at very odd situations.

We are feeling so grateful and blessed that God gave us an opportunity to serve the needy for past one year.     

We wish to spread smiles and bring some difference in people's life by our small acts of kindness by following avvai paati way. Aathichudi is working on reaching more and more needy and to feed as many people as possible.  

We are dreaming of reaching more and more needy. Our dream is to feed as many people as possible.

We have been carrying out our Seva at Egmore Children Hospital with only one motto. To feed few hungry stomachs and see the joy in those faces every sunday. From the time we started, we have ensured no single Sunday goes without Aathichudi team distributing food at the hospital. 


At this juncture we also thank our sponsors who have supported us so far.

Praying God to keep blessing us to take this forward further and keep reaching more and more needy. 

ஆத்தி்சூடி - Aathichudi

July 1 · 

 Inagurating a new concept of  aathichudi - anbuuvar today at Egmore children hospital as we mark our journey of one year of seva at the hospital.

Spread love...spread kindness...spread joy. 

Keep anything you find as excess for you in the rack and let the needy take it at free will. Join us friends for the event at 5pm today. 


Aathichudi Anbusuvar is serving it's designed purpose and attracting many well wishers to donate. Felt happy when we saw someone couriering items to anbusuvar to the hospital yesterday. Thanks to the kind hearts and souls who motivate us to keep going.

Anbusuvar went another step ahead today. Wardrobe on wheels with a trolley has been designed and inaugurated today at Egmore Children Hospital. And Director of ECH handed over few toys and dresses on the occasion. Happy to see that we could reach needy people with dresses, toys, etc to help them. Thanks to Hospital Management for the support.

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